Anvar Akhmedov biography

Tajik pop star - Anvarjon Akhmedov

Анварджон АхмедовAkhmedov Anvarjon Hakimdzhonovich was born on November13th, 1984 in the family of the theatrical artist in Khujand . In 1991 he started school at the secondary school № 6, named after Abu-Abdullo Rudaki in Khujand. Along with learning at the secondary school № 6 he attended the classes of the violin in the musical school № 1 in Khujand. He left school after he finished grade 9 and continued his studies in the Local College of Art named after Sodirkhon Hafiz. There he took classes in playing the national musical instrument gizhak ( a kind of the violin). After graduating from the College of Art he entered Khujand State University, the faculty of Art,the department of the traditional singing and graduated it successfully. He has got high musical education and diploma of the Bachelor of Art.

Anvarjon got married to Akhmedova Nargisa in 2006. They have got three children: one boy and two girls. His son’s name is Shuhratjon, and his daughter’s names are Mehronakhon and Mizhgonakhon. His love to Art and his talent of singing was revealed in the early age by his father, as he was brought up in the family of a theatrical artist.

Anvarjon’s father Hakimjon Akhmedov is a talented actor and he works in the Musical and Drama theatre named after Kamoli Khujandi in the town of Khujand. His mother Kurbonoy Nazarova is a skilled chef. He is not the only child with a musical education and exceptional talent of singing and playing many musical instruments. He has got two other brothers who are also professionals in Art and they organized their own musical band.

His first brother Akmaljon Akhmedov is the head of a National Instrumental group “Sadoi Khujand” which is famous in playing the national musical instrument “Karnay” ( a long pipe-type horn) typical in Tajikistan. This band is invited to the wedding parties and family events by the population of Sughd region. It’s an attribute of the nation’s traditional Artin Tajikistan. So, this group is very popular among Tajik people. His other brother Azamjon Akhmedov is also a talented singer.

Anvarjon Akhmedov is the leading soloist of the musical band “Sadoi Sughd”. He began his artistic activity first in the instrumental band “Sadoi Khujand”as a drummer in 2000 and developed his professional skills there as a singer till 2006.

His first album of the lyrical songs was released in 2006 under the name «Stand by Me" ("Beamon bo man") and was introduced to his fans. Since then, Anvarjon Akhmedov tries to prepare and release new albums of songs for their fans annually. His songs are very popular with the youth and also welcomed to every family.